Tips on How To Lose Weight


Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Do NOT make it all about weight:

A great many weight loss programs centre around the number on the scales. The reason they do this is to create dramatic tension that entertains the viewer. Focussing entirely on the weight, however, does NOT help the contestant / person losing weight. There are a few key problems with focussing on the reading on the scales. Firstly, your weight will naturally go up and down so you’ll be setting your emotions to go up and down too. Secondly, if you’ve been overweight for a while you probably think negatively about your scales to begin with. Each time you think of the scales you likely recall feeling overweight (because your previous experience with scales has not been positive). Even more important than this, however, is that the scales simply aren’t that great a motivation. It is much better to think of something highly positive. For instance, set your goal to be looking good in X item of clothing or being able to run X number of miles or anything else that genuinely makes you feel good. The more positive your goal makes you feel, the better. For a full explanation of this read: You Subconscious Mind.


Do NOT obsess over other, healthier people

In order to make weight loss shows more entertaining for the average viewer a great amount of attention is given to sleek and sexy people at the gym (this is particularly true of The Fat Fighters). Whilst recognising the fitness and positivity of other, healthier people can motivate you in your own aims, comparing yourself to other people is a sure-fire recipe for self esteem issues. Try to think positively about healthier people, but do so without comparing yourself to them.



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