The Best Tips To Control Anger Easily And Fast


What are your personal best tips to control anger? Are they easy and fast? Do they really work? If not, there are some anger management tips that will really help you out.


But first off, knowledge is power. If you want to control anger easily you need to know what causes your anger. So…

What causes anger?

What causes anger?

A lot, it would seem.

It used to be pretty much anything could make me angry, and I was far from the only one. People get angry for a million different reasons, but essentially it all comes down to the same thing:

We get angry when our preconceived idea of the world and our idea of how things should be is violated.

Thankfully, this definition of anger also provides a way to control anger.  You know that your anger is caused by the way you think things should be. The problem is the way you’re thinking. So you can stop anger by controlling your negative thoughts.

Anger is caused by the way you’re thinking. It’s when your thoughts get out of control that you start to feel vexed. Lose control of your thoughts and you lose self control. You feel like you don’t have control of your own actions. Sound familiar?

So if you want to control your anger easily you need to have control of your thoughts.  You need to manage your anger by managing the way you’re thinking. You need to realise that you have control over your thoughts. An because you have control of your thoughts you have control of your anger.

As soon as you start to believe that you have control over your anger rather than your anger having control over you, you’ll start to relax, to feel less of a victim of your own emotions. So, how do we regain control?

That’s where these tips come in.

Here are the best tips to control your anger easily and fast.



Best tips to control anger #1: Realise it’s in Your Head

First thing’s first. The anger is in your head and the best way to control anger is to realise that  YOU are creating it.

Seems weird, huh? Yet it’s true.

Whether it’s anger caused by other people, anger at work, or any other kind of anger, you are the one creating it.

You’re creating anger because you believe that someone has violated the established rules

A kid kicks your seat on the plane; they’re breaking the rules of holiday etiquette. Your wife or husband fails to meet your arrangements; they’re breaking an agreement. An employee fails to give you the proper respect; they’re breaking the rules of the workplace. Yet all these forms of anger come down to one thing: life is not panning out how you believe it should. You have, in your head, an idea of how things should be, and life simple isn’t following suit.

So the first and most easy way to control anger is to realise that it’s just in your head. And the easiest way to do that is by practicing a technique called Vipassana. You can learn about Vipassana here.

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