Refreshingly Easy Weight Loss Techniques To Get Lean

easy weight loss techniques

It’s okay. We’re all lazy. We want to be lean, fit and sexy like for free. These are my favorite stupidly easy weight loss techniques for lazy optimists.


A few years back I needed to lose weight–about 40lbs to be precise. I tried all the tips, tricks, and techniques that you hear about in books and online. Most of them really didn’t work very well.

Then I struck upon gold. I started doing five specific techniques. These five techniques, in my honest opinion, are the absolute best ways to lose weight.



The 5 Best Easy Weight Loss Techniques That work.


Yoga is one of my favourite forms of exercise. And it is one of the most easy weight loss techniques that actually works.

Whenever I exercise I like to meditate on my body and on my breathing so as to create complete relaxation. Yoga allows us to do precisely that, and you don’t need to be a master of Yoga to begin, either. I’ll be doing half hour session of basic yoga exercises for beginners, while meditating on my body and on my breathing. This is such a relaxing way of losing weight, I can’t wait to get started!

Tai Chi 


Easy weight loss techniques don’t come any better than tai chi.

Tai Chi is similar to yoga in many ways. Tai Chi uses simple and graceful movements. There are many scientifically proven benefits of Tai Chi, of which weight loss is just one. It’s also very good for arthritis and for relieving stress. I’ll be doing the exercises in this Tai Chi for Beginners video. Maybe you’d like to join me.

Zen Walking Meditation

Zen Walking isn’t going to burn that many calories given that it is a very easy form of exercise. But at least it does get us moving and it is also very relaxing. In Zen Walking you simply walk slowly while focussing your mind 100% on the process of moving. It’s one of the best meditation techniques for beginners and I strongly recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet. Simply find a safe and straight path that is quiet and walk up and down while focussing on the sensation of movement. This will heighten your mind body connection, which will help energise you to do more exercise in the future.


Swimming can be an easy weight loss technique because you can lose weight swimming without actually pushing yourself that hard.

Provided that you have enough space in the pool, swimming can be an excellent exercise to combine with meditation. Not only is swimming one of the best exercises for weight loss, it’s also very relaxing. There’s something about the rhythmic nature of swimming that helps the mind to relax. The water, of course, is also extremely relaxing and helps to soothe any aching joints that you may have. While swimming, simply focus your mind 100% on the technique of swimming (the movement) and you will be able to meditate while you swim!


This is the one part of my weight loss plan that I’m not 100% certain about. It’s been a while since I did any running. I’ve done tons of running in my time (including marathons) but not recently. In order to keep running without getting too tired, it’s important to get into a sense of rhythm. Meditation can help here. Simply meditate on your breathing while you run. You’ll find this helps you to keep running for longer.

So, there we are, my meditation exercise plan for weight loss. And of course there is also this amazing free guide to using meditation for weight loss.


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