Touch Body Language: Touching the Face, Body and More

You can tell a lot about a person by reading their touch body language.

For instance, did you know that someone touching their nose is quite likely lying, and that someone who is touching their hair is nervous?

Reading Touch Body Language Correctly

There is one big mistake that amateurs make when it comes to reading body language. The mistake is that they believe that any one gesture has a definite and absolute meaning. For instance, some people believe that touching the back of the neck indicated a lie. But this is not correct.

To correctly read body language you need to look at clusters. A cluster is a group of body language gestures. For instance, someone who is touching their neck then pulling on their collar, then touching their nose is almost definitely lying. The trick is in the cluster: the group of three or more body language signs.

When you’re looking at body language, you have to look at groups. Look for three or more gestures and then find the common meaning. As another example, someone fidgeting with their hair while looking at the floor while biting their nails is most definitely nervous, but someone who is only fidgeting with their hair may well just be fidgeting with their hair.


  • Touching the nose: indicates a possible lie, a bad smell, or that a person is evaluating and making a negative judgement. If you’re a negotiator, one of your key negotiation skill tactics should be to look out for this gesture. If you spot it, strategically attempt to find out why the other person is not in agreement with you.
  • Lips Touch Body Language: a body language gesture that could indicate a person is lying (when covering the mouth) or that they are looking at or thinking about someone they are attracted to ( a person will sensually touch their lips when attracted) or, finally, may show nervousness (when continually touching the lips or biting it). Example: criminal justice interviewers seeing this sign in a suspect will know that there is a chance the suspect is lying and will question them further.
  • Mouth Touch Body Language: A possible sign of lying, putting a finger in the mouth is a sign of insecurity or uncertainty.
  • Eye Touch Body Language: A sign of deceit, though could just as easily be an itch. This is another sign that criminal justice classes will teach to practising interviewers in order to help them spot deceit.
  • Touching the hair: a sign of insecurity or preening, which suggests attraction.


Touching the ear: Sign of lying

Touching neck: Rubbing or squeezing the back of the neck indicates tension. Covering the neck with a hand is a protective sign revealing feelings of insecurity, nervousness or fear of attack.

Touching the Arms, Body and Legs

  • Touching the opposite arm: forms a barrier in front of the neck for protection.
  • Holding hands in front of body or folding arms: again, forms a protective barrier indicating insecurity
  • Stomach Touch Body Language: holding a hand to the stomach will alleviate nausea associated with anxiety. In other words, he’s feeling anxious and worried if he is repeatedly touching or rubbing his stomach.
  • Thigh Touch Body Language: rubbing or stroking the thighs is a sexual sign.
  • Hips Touch Body Language: Holding both hands on hips is a stance used to show dominance and indicate power. One hand on one hip shows agitation and a lack of power.





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