How To Use The Ushas Mudra For A 10 Minute Energy Boost

Today  I would like to discuss the Ushas mudra. It’s a very easy and healthy way to boost your energy. And it only takes ten minutes.

In this guide I’ll discuss the steps of the Ushas murda, the benefits that the mudra offers, and how and when you should use the Ushas mudra in your every day life. 

If you have read my Ultimate Guide To The Mudras, you will know that mudras are specific hand positions that are used in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Different mudras offer different benefits. Some make you happy. Some help you focus. Some help with health problems.

One of the most important mudras is the Ushas mudra.

The Ushas mudra is a simple mudra that you can use for a quick energy boost whenever you’re feeling a little groggy.

Here are the steps of the Ushas mudra:

As I mentioned, the Ushas mudra is a very simple mudra. In fact, there are only three steps to doing it.

  1. Clasp your fingers so your right thumb is above the left.
  2. The right thumb should be pushing on the left thumb gently
  3. Women should adjust the position ever so slightly so that the right thumb is between the left thumb and index finger.

The photo  at the top of the page shows the correct hand position for the Ushas mudra.

Oh, and one more note. When you practice the Ushas mudra you should hold it for ten to fifteen minutes. And for the best results, use it once a day.



Here’s what you need to  know about the Usha mudra and its benefits

The Ushas mudra is used for activating energy in the second chakra.

The second chakra, the sacral chakra, is the center of creativity and sexuality. There is energy in the chakra that is vital for pleasure, mental alertness and for producing that “get up and go” attitude.

When you use the Ushas mudra you activate the energy in your second chakra and release that energy into the energy centres above it. This wakes you up, harmonises your hormonal system, refreshes you, and makes you more alert.

So, the main benefit of the usha mudra is that it energises and invigorates you.

Because the Ushas mudra energises you, it’s a great “go-to” mudra when you’re feeling tired.

Naturally, one of the best times to use the Ushas mudra is first thing in the morning.

Wake up, put your hands behind your head in the Ushas mudra, and stay there for ten minutes while breathing deeply and meditating on your breathing (for more on meditation, read my Ultimate Guide To Meditation Techniques).

While using the Ushas mudra, inhale deeply and welcome fresh energy into your body. This will make the mudra even more energising.

While you are using the Ushas mudra, you might like to try a visualisation. The best visualisations for the Ushas mudras are those that make you feel more awake and alert. For instance, visualise yourself lying down under a rising sun. Imagine the golden sun rays caressing your body and warming you. You begin to stir. You feel the energy of the sun passing through your body, invigorating you. You breathe in that energy and let it course through your body. You rise. And you are ready to take on the day.

Try using the Ushas mudra for ten minutes. Why not try it right now? Take a break. Put your hands in the position described above. Use the visualization above. And continue for ten  minutes. You will find this very refreshing.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading.

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Paul Martin Harrison

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