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Vajroli Mudra Benefits Meaning and Position — How To Last Longer in Bed

This page: Vajroli Mudra: benefits, meaning and position

The Vajroli mudra is used to stimulate the flow of energy to the sexual organs and has been known to cure premature ejaculation. It also allows men and women to enjoy sex for a longer period of time.


The Vajroli mudra is helpful for dealing with urinary disorders, premature ejaculation  and other complications. The vajroli mudra is very easy to begin but require practice to master. The vajroli mudra, when practiced for a long time, also helps to activate the chakras and to achieve heightened levels of self control. People who have been practicing this mudra for a long time also have greater control of ejaculation and the ability to last longer in bed.

The advanced stages of the Vajroli mudra are called Amroli and Sajroli, and can be found in many yogic texts.

The ancient yogic systems view sexual energy as one of the primary energies. Through the practice of mudras this energy can be challenged upwards through the body. By transferring the energy upwards it flows into the brain and through the chakras, activating each chakra and leading towards enlightenment.

So, the Vajroli mudra is used both for curing health complications, for activating the chakras and for attaining enlightenment.

The Vajroli mudra uses the muscles around the anus and sexual organs

vajroli mudra position benefits technique

Vajroli Mudra Benefits Meaning and Position

On the next page I’ll be sharing the vajrol position and discussing its benefits. But first, please consult a doctor before trying the technique. Some people have reported complications arising from the muse of this mudra. Consult a doctor and if you feel and pain or strain while using the mudra, stop. 

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