Why You Should Never Call Someone A Faggot

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A video by Youtube user CutVideo is showing why we should never call someone a faggot. But it’s also showing a lot more than that.

Though the video below is specifically talking about homosexuals, the fact of the matter is that whether we’re white, black, young, old, woman, man, gay, straight, or anything else, we should all simply accept each other with love and compassion.

It takes a much stronger and more nobler mind to accept someone than it does to reject them. It takes a bigger man / woman to compliment than to insult.

Enlightened people are those who spend their days making other people feel happier, more accepted, more loved.

This video shows how damaging the word “Faggot” can be. But you can easily apply the same idea to so many other words (I needn’t say them, you already know them, ignorant people say them all the time).

Peace. Love. Acceptance. Compassion. Those are the traits of the strong and the enlightened.

Faggot | Gay Men | One Word

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