How to escape your thoughts so you can live in the now

how to scape your thoughts and live in the moment

Your thoughts hold you prison. But don’t sweat. There are some great ways how to escape your thoughts and live in the moment, with vitality. So let’s get in to it, my Zen-sensational readers. Free spiritedness awaits!


Knowing how to escape your thoughts and be present moment minded is one of the best ways how to have energy. When we escape our thoughts and live mindfully and in the moment we exert our energy on DOING rather than idle thinking. This guide to how to have energy and how to live in the moment will enable you to escape your thoughts, achieve mindfulness and build your energy levels.

How to escape your thoughts so you can live in the now


1) Consider the benefits of escaping your thoughts and living in the present moment. 

It’s worth taking five minutes right now to consider all the ways in which living in the moment would be of benefit to you. Living in the moment will make you more alert, more aware, less preoccupied with thoughts and more active.

One of the best ways how to overcome your thoughts is to be aware of the benefits of doing so.

Think about the last time you really lived in the moment. It was probably when something truly awesome was happening in your life. Or it might have been during a time of intense fear.

Both extreme happiness and extreme fear make you live now. Just consider the last time you made love. I bet you lived completely in the moment. Your thoughts were silenced. You were living in a state of pure bliss. Well, if it was good sex, I mean. If not, you might have actually been full of negative thoughts about yourself or about the person you were with. But if you were really making love, spiritual love, then you would have been living completely in the moment, right?

When you escape your thoughts you live inn the here and now. And when you live in the here and now you actually enjoy your life instead of being full of thoughts of what was, what will be, and so one. You actually enjoy life.

It’s pretty amazing how much more enjoyable life is when you escape your thoughts. Think about the benefits. It will motivate you to actually put your thoughts aside. And that is the first and maybe the best way how to escape your thoughts. But there are more.

2)      Consider how vitality would benefit YOU

Having understood the value of vitality, begin to question how much more positive your own life would be if you had a heightened level of vitality. What practical benefits would you see?

How would your life be better once you escape your thoughts? When you living with vitality, with zest, with a zen-sational sort of vigor, how much better would your life be?

Let’s think of an example. Right now you might be sitting at the computer thinking about a possible future. Maybe you’re looking forward to being the type of person you want to be. Maybe you’re imagining your future. Problem is if you’re imagining your future you’re not really living with vitality. Now imagine if you stopped thinking too much. Forget your future. Just live now. Would that make now better? And if you make now better, wouldn’t the future be better too?

Have vitality. Vomit out energy into this miraculous thing called the present moment. Explode on the scene, on the now. Get out your damn head and live right now. That’s the key.



3)      Improvise!

Look for some opportunities to do some artistic improvisation. If you play an instrument then make up some tunes on the spot. Or you could try some acting improvisation, comedy improvisation or even freestyle rapping! Just have fun and create anything on the spot.

So many people live like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (remember that movie?). They wake up. Live their lives on rewind. Same day. Same old day. Same damn day every damn time. Kill the repetition.

Novelty is one of the most important parts of neurological health. You want to make your mind stronger, step one is to get out of the rut. Break the rewind button on your life.

Can be tricky though. Your mind gets into habits. That’s why one of the most important daily habits is to do something novel. Something different.

Thing is. How do you do something different? Your mind is your mind. It thinks in the same way every day right? How do you change that?

I use two strategies. One: improvise. Look for any opportunity to do something different.

Two: Ask a friend. Go up to a close friend (or just share this on Facebook, have them read this, then discuss). Now ask them, “What is the one thing I would never do that would actually be good for me”. In other words, what is one thing they think you would never do, and make sure it’s something that is beneficial for you. Now when they tell you what to do you will naturally not want to do it. This is massively important. You will not want to do it because their suggestion will interrupt your idea of yourself. Your mind will think “This isn’t me. I’m not doing it”. The entire point, however, is to open your mind. And to do that you need to force yourself to do the thing your friend suggests (provided it does logically benefit you). If you do this it will revolutionise you. That is a Pauly-Promise.

4)      Be spontaneous

Similar to improvising, look for opportunities in your life to be spontaneous (just don’t do it when driving or when it could put you in danger!) Talk to random people, take new routes to work etc.

I really can’t overstate how important novelty is to you brain. You know how your body takes in fresh air and that fresh air keeps your body healthy? Same with the mind. But to the mind, air is info and actions. You need fresh info and fresh actions. One of the best ways how to have a healthy brain is to do new things every day. In fact if there is one thing I want you to take away from this article it’s that. Force yourself to new stuff every single day.

I personally use a habit tracking app called HabitBull. HabitBull basically let’s you set and record your daily habits. My most important habit in HabitBull… well actually there are two. The first is to beat a fear every single day. The second is to force myself to do something new every day. Could be anything. Really doesn’t matter what it specifically is. It might be talking to a stranger. It might be giving money to a charity I’ve not given to before. It might be trying a new form of exercise. Could be anything. All that matters is that it’s new.

Newness (novelty) is the key.

5)      Play with yourself! 

Kids have great vitality levels and of all the things kids love to do, pulling faces is perhaps the oldest and most popular. So, you know what to do! Starts pulling faces, laughing out loud, being silly and having fun.

If you want to escape your thoughts and to live with vitality start playing around. Just messing.

I don’t mean actually playing a game here, by the way. I basically just mean being fun in life. Fun is so important. It’s funny how when we get old we forget to have fun. Actually no it isn’t funny, it’s sick. Society forces you to be a machine and to work for the man. Well, the man can go and f**k himself as far as I’m concerned. I live for me. And for me to be happy and to live with vitality I have to have fun.

Go be merry. Have a laugh. Never underestimate the importance of fun.

6)      Break rules

Try to challenge the rules in your life. For instance, if you don’t think you’re very athletic just go out for a run anyway; you’ll find it very uplifting. Or be playful with your partner. Try to do things different and again, just have fun.

So obviously it is the oldest cliche in the book but the rules were made to be broken.

But let’s get much more specific than that. If you want to live with vitality you need to break the rules of your own mind. You know all those things you would never let yourself do? Maybe there are some people you won’t speak to because you don’t get along with them. Urgghhh. That’s a little shallow minded, aint it? How about we change that? How about we break that rule of your own mind? Go talk to those people you would never talk to. It will open your mind.

Break your own rules and you will live freely and with vitality. And you will also escape your thoughts.

7)      Tell others to join in

Exercises like these are always more fun with at least a couple of people, so tell some friends about the exercises and get them to join in too!

So, with that in mind let me do the obvious self promotional thing. Share this article right now and get your friends to join in with this. It’s a win / win. You help our site grow by sharing our articles. And you get your friends involved with this, which will help you out too. Total win / win.



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