How To Discover The Purpose Of your Life– It Worked For Me


We all ask “Why am I alive?” Some of us near obsess over the question. Here’s how to find the purpose of your life.

Martin Luther King found his purpose, and he changed the world forever.

Steve Jobs found his purpose and he change the world forever.

Marie Antoinette, Stephen Hawking, Albert Eintstein, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln…

They all found there purpose and changed the world.

Of course, they’re all truly amazing people. But it’s not because they were exceptional people that they found their purpose. Finding their purpose is what made them exceptional people.

This is what happens when you find your purpose in life


But how exactly do you find the meaning of your life? 

Most of us spend our lives asking “Why am I alive?” ” How do I find purpose in life?” “What’s life all about?” “What’s the meaning of my life” and so on and so on. We are addicted to finding meaning and purpose. Perhaps that’s because, as American neurologist Viktor E Frankyl said, “Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human.”

But the weird thing is, questions don’t provide answers. I guess that’s one of life’s little quirks. You don’t find answers by asking questions. You only ever find more questions.

If you want to truly discover your purpose you have to stop asking all those questions. Stop asking “Why am I alive.” Instead, let’s look for the reason why we are alive. Let’s look logically.


You can discover your true purpose with a little bit of logical reasoning…

If there is an all encompassing reason why we are alive, it logically must have been there since day one.  Now then, with this logical understanding we can deduce that, because your reason for being alive has always existed inside of you, it must be inside you right now. You just need to see it.


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