Lose Weight By Learning To Cook For Yourself


Nothing can compare to learning how to cook for yourself. It helps with diet and weight loss and it helps with your mind too ( I always feel so chill and creative in the kitchen).

But what if, er, you got no clue how to cook? Don’t sweat, my friends, there’s a brand new book that will show you how to cook. And honestly, you should probably read it. 

Learning to cook for yourself is amazing.


When I was at secondary school, for my main cooking class exam I cooked a giant peppermint cream. It looked like a cross between a brick and a crushed and very pale mushroom. Granted, it tasted okay—but mostly because it was full of sugar. But this brick-mushroom-peppermint cream was far from gourmet cuisine. Fair to say, I had no idea how to cook, which may have been somewhat strange given that I definitely knew how to eat (I was heavily overweight).

After secondary school I left for University and was put in a situation where I had to learn to cook for myself very quickly. I did so, making simple meals like pasta with tuna and jacket potato with various gubbins in the middle.

Though the meals I cooked at university was ridiculously simple, the mere act of actually making something for myself completely transformed my relationship with food. I began to discover the basics about ingredients, learning exactly what was in the food I was eating, and this gave me heightened respect for the food I stuffed myself with.


To Lose Weight: Change What You Eat — SIMPLE!

It’s no coincidence that within two months of leaving for university I had lost 24 pounds. I learned a very important truth in those two months: The best way to eat healthily and to lose weight is to cook for yourself.

Nothing in the world of weight loss can compete with cooking for yourself. All the diet plans and weight loss regimes are worth nothing compared to the simple power of respecting food, and nothing makes you respect food more than making it yourself.

Sadly, many of us never really get the push to begin cooking for ourselves. I was lucky, in that I was forced to cook for myself at university. Many do not get that opportunity and so go for years (possibly for their entire life) without learning how to cook for themselves.


New Book Shows How To Cook and How To Lose Weight

Thankfully, there’s a new book on the market which makes it almost too easy for you to learn to cook. It’s called The Four Hour Chef and is written by Timothy Ferriss (author of The Four Hour Work Week) .

What’s great about The Four Hour Chef is that it actually teaches you how to cook. By that, I mean it doesn’t just reveal new recipes but actually teaches you the brass tacks of cooking.

With The Four Hour Chef, you’re introduced to every important element of cooking. By the end of it, you’ll be able to cook for yourself, which will significantly help you to lose weight.

Here’s The Four Hour Chef on Amazon for $21 (hardcover).It’s such a great book for learning to cook for yourself.

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