10 Secret Reasons To Meditate And Why You Should Start Today

reasons to meditate--why do people meditate?

What are the main reasons to meditate? Why do people really meditate? In this day and age it’s really got very little to do with meditation or spirituality. It’s a lot more down to Earth than that.

There are over 100 scientifically proven benefits of meditation. And then there are the romantic notions that you can use meditation to manifest money. Today we’re not looking at any of that.

Today I want to talk about ten every day reasons why people meditate.


The main reasons to meditate


1)      Because meditation has been proven to reduce stress. This makes meditation very beneficial to your health as it prevents stress related illnesses, including high blood pressure and heart issues. Just by meditating for twenty minutes a day you can significantly reduce the stress in your life. But how do you do it? Read my guide to using meditation (and other tips) for stress.

2)     Because meditation is perhaps the most relaxing activity in the world. There’s nothing much more relaxing than meditating after a hard day’s work. It clams your mind, returns you to the present moment and helps you enjoy life with a serene state of mind. When was the most relaxed you ever felt? I reckon I can teach you to feel even more relaxed than that using just a few natural exercises. How? Take a look at my article on natural exercises for relaxation.

3)      Because meditation is a very good exercise for developing your understanding and for gaining new insights into specific matters. For instance, when you are struggling to get along with another person, meditation helps you to escape your own biased mindset so you can better understand the other person. With meditation you will come to see yourself (and other people) in an all new light. And if that sounds good to you, I recommend you take a gander at my guide to Buddhist Insight Meditation.


4)      Because meditation is excellent at developing concentration. Imagine, for instance, that you will soon be taking important exams. You are stressed about the exams and finding it difficult to focus because of negative thoughts (“what if I fail?” “What if don’t do my best?” etc). Meditation helps settle your mind so you can better focus on an activity. If you have the focus of a fish, be sure to make use of this guide to developing concentration.

5)     Because meditation strengthens your immune system. This has been scientifically proven. If you meditate you will be less susceptible to illness. Read more about this on Deepak Chopra’s blog. 

6)      Because meditation helps with overcoming habits and addictions. Many addiction treatment centres use meditation as a core component of therapy. If you’re pretty hooked on…. anything, than take a look at how I personally quit… a lot.

7)      Because meditation improves brain function. When you meditate you get rid of unhelpful information in your brain, helping you to better understand things and thus improving brain function. If you’re not quite Einstein, fire up your brain cells and study my lecture on using meditation for intelligence (it’s not really a lecture, I just challenged myself to use a different word for all these links and am running out of ideas).

8)      Because meditation helps with weight loss in two ways. Firstly, calming your mind helps you resist cravings. Secondly, mindfulness meditation helps you to appreciate the food you are eating, essentially meaning that you need less food to feel satisfied. Got love handles? Digest my tutorial on meditative weight loss.

9)      Because meditation increases awareness. By being more relaxed you allow yourself to focus more on the present moment environment. This means you will notice things you did not notice before. Er. Every meditation technique does this so I don’t have a specific article to reference. But…. just look at this amazing guide to every major meditation technique.

10)   Because meditation makes you more attractive. The relaxed mentality created by meditation makes other people feel more trusting towards you and more comfortable around you. This helps you to get along with others, including romantically. Want to bring sexy back? Then check out my article on how meditation makes you sexy.


Meditation is pretty amazing, hey? We should discuss it.

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