Miranda Kerr’s Pre-Catwalk Ritual Is A Wake-Up Call For Us All

Australian model Miranda Kerr is just one of the many celebrities and models who have recently started meditating (including Rosie Huntington Whitely who recently called meditation the “key to weight loss”)

Meditation s the buzz word at the moment. Forget your Prada and your Gucci, one of the hottest trends among celebrities this year is meditation. That’s partly because meditation is proven to make you sexier. And it’s partly for the other 100 benefits of meditation.

Either way, celebrities have taken to meditation like teenagers take to Justin Bieber. And one of the most beautiful of all celebrities is Miranada Kerr.


Mirana Kerr tells us that she meditates before every catwalk. 



Miranda Kerr is known to meditate backstage before getting on the catwalk.

But why would Miranada Kerr want to meditate?

As we recently reveal, meditation makes you sexy. This is just one of the great benefits of meditation.

For a model, meditation is immensely important.

Meditation helps to boost the energy in your body so that there is more bounce in your step. Meditation also improve your circulation, which makes your skin look more beautiful. So even without make-up if you meditate you will have beautiful skin.

Meditation is also a very powerful way of boosting confidence. Obviously, for someone like Miranda Kerr, who has tons of people staring at her all day, it is immensely important that she be confident. Meditation gives her that boost to beat any sort of self doubt and to make her feel great when she steps out onto the catwalk.

Miranda Kerr has said that meditation is more important than make-up for beauty. We tend to agree with her.

If you would like to learn the meditation techniques used by celebrities like Miranda Kerr, we recommend reading the phenomenal Mindfulness and Meditation Technique for Beginners. 

Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.

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