The Best Spiritual Books Of All Time–Stuff Russell Brand Wouldn’t Read

Forget the modern pseudo-spiritual trash. Today I’m all about true spirituality. If you want to know what the best spiritual books of all time are, you’ve got to read this list.


When Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree to find enlightenment, the last thing on his mind was popularity. When Jesus Christ was punished for our sins he didn’t wonder whether it would help his PR. Today the figureheads of spirituality include Russell Brand, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow, celebrities who use spirituality as a way to make themselves look superior.

Most spiritualities are about overcoming ego. But celebrities are using spirituality in an extremely egotistical way.

I mean honestly are there any of us here that believe that Russell Brand truly cares about spirituality? Hands up… No? Didn’t think so. How about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “Conscious Uncoupling” thing? Was that about spirituality, or about trying (and failing) to look superior to everyone else?

Can you even imagine what sort of conversation Russell Brand would have with Buddha?

Russell Brand: I like young girls.

Buddha: While a man desires a woman his mind is bound as closely as a mother to its calf (that’s a real Buddha quote by the way).

Russell Brand: Spirituality… dude…



There’s nothing inherently wrong with Russell Brand and ilk getting in contact with their chakras. The problem is that people are actually beginning to look to celebrities for spiritual insight. Rather than referring to the best spiritual books of all time (whether they be the classics like The Bhagavad Gita, or more modern books like The Power of Now and other Oprah Book Club highlights) millions are getting their spiritual advice from people who are self professed drug users and sex addicts.

What truly has me scratching my head, however, is this question: Do people genuinely believe that these celebrities are spiritual gurus?

It’s a terrifying question, isn’t it? Because if celebrities are the spiritual gurus of today then you can count me out. Sorry. Call me an old soul, but I’m going to stick with Buddha, Osho, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle. Sure, they don’t look good in yoga pants. But when I listen to those divine minds speak, or when I read their words, I feel enlightened. And no matter how hard Russell Brand and friends might try, I seriously doubt they will ever genuinely enlighten anyone.

But judge for yourself. Perhaps this man speaks to you on some level I’ll never understand.

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Forget the pseudo-spiritual trash. Start reading the best spiritual books of all time. That’s my advice.

What do you think are the best spiritual books of all time? Leave a comment.

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