How Managers Can Take Advantage Of Meditation [TUTORIAL]

  • Discover the best type of meditation for managers.
  • Learn how and why managers should use meditation to stop stress both inside and outside of work.
  • Boost your productivity and team morale, as well as your own happiness. Meditation really is a managerial wonder.


You’re stuck at work during a rough day. As a managers it’s your responsibility to lead your team. But to be an effective manager you need to take control of your own mind. Meditation is the key. Meditation helps you manage stress and it makes you more effective at work.

For managers, meditation is a powerful tool that makes you more effective, more relaxed, and healthier. But just what, exactly, is the right meditation for managers, and how do you do it?


Managers in Singapore claim meditation is an important managerial technique

For the past twenty years, Peter Ng has been the manager of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund. Ng is responsible for investing billions of dollars. And he invests money while thinking of nothing.


Or, rather, he invests while practicing zen meditation techniques. By calming his mind he is able to continue his extremely high-pressure job without stress. (and if you would like to be a stress free manager you should probably read my guide to managing stress)

Peter Ng isn’t alone in his practice of Zen meditation techniques. Zen meditation is a powerful way of working a high pressure job without stress. It is a practice that all managers should follow. And it seems some famous business owners agree. Oprah Winfrey recently stated that meditation helps her businesses. And there are many managers, CEOs and corporate types who feel the same way.

Over the past ten years, zen meditation has gained great popularity. It is the perfect solution to living in these stressful times. The fact that meditation also makes you more intelligent is really just a very welcome bonus.

In this article I would like to share a powerful Zen meditation technique for managers. This technique will help you to be a more effective manager without the implied stress. Those who have attended one of our corporate meditation workshops will know, firsthand, how immensely valuable the techniques are.

Why Zen Meditation will make you a better manager 

Managers are tasked with complex and stressful jobs. Regardless of the industry you’re working in, a manager’s life is stressful. You’re burdened with handling an ocean of data and of making difficult decisions each and every day. If that sounds like you, you might like to read my guide to effective decision making. Being a manager is stressful and it is a stress that you do not need, not at work and not in life.

The problem with the majority of jobs these days is that they require us to fill our minds with information. It is very difficult not to become overburdened with this information. Our minds simply aren’t designed to handle so much data.

Thankfully, there is a simple and effective way to calm your mind at work. I recommend using this technique at least once a day for twenty minutes.

As you will see, the technique quiets the mind, creates inner stillness and promotes relaxation. You will find that, with a quiet and calm mind, not only do you feel less stress but you are also able to carry out your work more effectively.


So, here is the best meditation technique for managers

Read the instructions on this page thoroughly before beginning the meditation, then practice the meditation while leaving the page open (so you can reread the instructions if need be).

1)      Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed for twenty minutes. Ideally do this during your break or before or after work. You might find it helpful to read my guide to creating a meditation space.

2)      Focus your mind on your breathing. Specifically, focus on your breath coming and going through the space between your lips and nose. (for more on this, watch the Dalai Lama’s guide to Nine Round Breathing)

3)      As you continue to focus on your breathing you will find thoughts entering your mind. This is natural. If you’re new to meditation you will find that your mind quickly fills with thoughts. The more you practice, the quieter your mind will become.

4)      When a thought comes to your mind, say to yourself “This is just a thought, it is not reality.”

5)      Continue focussing your mind on your breathing for twenty minutes.

6)      Observe how you feel after completing this meditation

Continual practice of this meditation will promote inner calm and will eliminate stress, making you able to complete your job more effectively and in a more relaxed manner.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, be sure to check our offers page for information on booking an individual or corporate meditation workshop.

I hope you find this technique helpful.

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