ZombiU — Nintendo Wii U’s Best and Most Inventive Game

Zombiu is one of the most exciting titles coming out for Wii U. For fans of the brain eating walking dead, it’s certain to be a must-have game as it looks set to breathe life back into the decaying survival horror genre.

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In ZombiU, the undead have invaded London and started chomping down on unsuspecting Brits (like me). Thankfully, being in Britain, you’ve got a cricket bet, along with other weapons, to fend them off with. You’ll also get to visit the sights of London as you explore the city.

What makes ZombiU so interesting is its use of the Wii U gamepad. The WiiU lets you send out asonar ping, which allows for cool tricks like hacking doors and accessing security cameras.

As you would expect from the survival horror genre, ammo and equipment is in limited supply, meaning you’ll need to be economic with your use of items. Should your character die, you’ll take control of a new character. This gives rise to one of the coolest aspects of the game as, should you then track down your now undead former self, you’ll be able to reclaim your supplies. Eloquent little design- touches like this show a truly creative side of the games development. When so many games survive off of mere clichés, it’s nice to see ZombiU making some welcome innovations to the survival horror formula.

Yet more innovation comes from ZombiU’s multiplayer, which revolves around using the Wii U’s two separate controllers. One player holds the WiiU’s gamepad and sees a top down view of the game world. This player can then place different zombies in different locations, which the player holding the traditional pad most then fight through.
It’s clear the ZombiU has more than enough innovation to stand out, and from the looks of what we’ve seen, it could be one of the best titles for WiiU.

Paul Martin Harrison

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